Reconstruction of River port

Project Goal: Our goal is to reconstruct the river port to meet the requirements and standards specified by Agip KCO, ensuring efficiency and safety in operations.

Production Capacity: With a capacity of 300 tons per month, we are equipped to handle the reconstruction process effectively and expediently.

Place of Project Implementation: The project will take place in the Atyrau area, facilitating local engagement and support.

Timeline: April 2008 — July 2010 (28 Months)

Client: Agip KCO

The reconstruction project of the Atyrau River port represents a crucial endeavor aimed at revitalizing vital infrastructure and enhancing regional connectivity. With a focus on meeting international standards, the project encompasses a comprehensive overhaul encompassing various facets of port operations and facilities. Key components of the reconstruction include the construction of modern offices and warehouses to facilitate efficient cargo handling and storage. Additionally, the establishment of a laydown/assembly area will streamline logistics and support assembly activities, further boosting operational efficiency. In line with sustainability goals and reliability, the installation of gas-driven generators ensures a dependable power supply, mitigating the risk of disruptions and enhancing operational resilience. Concurrently, the reconstruction of the power supply grid reinforces infrastructure reliability, crucial for uninterrupted port operations. Safety measures are paramount, as evidenced by the installation of firefighting systems aimed at safeguarding personnel, vessels, and cargo from potential hazards. The integration of a boiler house and water treatment facilities underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. Moreover, the extraction of sunken vessels from the Ural River not only enhances navigational safety but also underscores environmental responsibility and preservation efforts. The port’s strategic significance extends beyond local commerce, playing a pivotal role in supporting the infrastructure development of key projects such as the Kashagan field and various Caspian Sea operations. Overall, the comprehensive reconstruction of the Atyrau River port signifies a significant investment in modernization, safety, and sustainability, fostering economic growth and bolstering regional connectivity in the process.

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